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Save the Date: Webinar on Corporate Responsibility in the Natural Gas Industry

Executives from two local natural gas producers will speak about their corporate responsibility and sustainability goals and why that matters – for the community, the environment, their employees and their bottom line – in the Center for Energy Policy and Management’s latest webinar.

At 11 a.m. Jan. 13, Carrie Crumpton, Vice President of Environmental Strategy & Permitting for CNX, and Will Jordan, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for EQT, will talk about the goals their companies have set in ESG – environment, social and governance – and how they are meeting them.

Mason Gregory, a senior analyst for MFS Investment Management who specializes in ESG topics, will also provide an overview of what the acronym encompasses and why it is becoming increasingly important in a number of industries, as sustainability comes to the forefront of decision-making.

Please mark your calendar and plan to join us! Details and registration information will be coming shortly.

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