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10 Years



The Center for Energy Policy and Management (CEPM) is a part of Washington & Jefferson College (W&J), a private liberal arts institution located in southwestern Pennsylvania. Formed in 2012 amidst the region's shale gas boom, the CEPM was designed to be  a center of excellence dedicated to fostering the development of energy policy that has a place for all energy sources and promotes economic growth while minimizing environmental impacts. 

Since its establishment, the Center has become the premier source of credible, impartial, and accessible information on energy, resilience, and sustainability. Through its seminars and workshops, the Center has trained more than a 1,000 students, faculty, staff, citizens, and public officials on everything from in-home energy conservation techniques to the impacts of zoning policies on energy production, transmission, and consumption. While the CEPM does not advocate for or against any particular policy, it helps consumers and policymakers become better informed about all of their policy options. 


Western Pennsylvania has changed dramatically over the past several decades. Once an industrial powerhouse for the United States, the region suffered demographic and economic losses throughout the late 20th Century. Since then, the region has worked hard to reinvent itself. Today, Pittsburgh and its nearby communities are at the forefront of innovation in health, education, and technology. Given its endowment of natural gas and natural gas liquids, western Pennsylvania has also become a major energy hub. Despite all of this growth, a number of challenges remain. The region still suffers from legacy environmental degradation, infrastructural stress, and uneven development within and between its many communities. 

With the support of its generous funders, the CEPM is working to address these challenges. Through strategic partnerships, the CEPM is harnessing the talents of its students, faculty, and staff to affect change. 


The CEPM has partnered with the Environmental Law Institute and Local Government Academy along with the American Geophysical Union and others.