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Center for Energy Policy and Management at

Washington & Jefferson College


The Center for Energy Policy and Management conducts original research and curates resources from credible organizations to help decision-makers understand important energy issues. 

Explainer Series

Carbon Emissions 101


This explainer discusses carbon dioxide (CO2), a potent greenhouse gas, and how it contributes significantly to global emissions.  The primary sources of carbon emissions include transportation, electricity generation, industry, residential and commercial sectors, agriculture, and land use. Various international, federal, and state policies have been implemented to address CO2 emissions, such as the Paris Agreement and the Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan. Pennsylvania has also joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that limits carbon emissions from power plants.


Read more in this succinct survey HERE

CEPM Reports

Harnessing Hydrogen Policy Brief

Read the policy brief based on research and information gathered at the CEPM's inaugural summit on hydrogen energy and CCUS

Harnessing Hydrogen Final Report

Read the final document summarizing key findings from the CEPM's inaugural summit on hydrogen energy and CCUS

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