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CEPM to Host “Hydrogen: The Future of Clean Energy?” Webinar

“Hydrogen: The Future of Clean Energy?” will be the topic of an April 20 webinar being hosted by the Washington & Jefferson College Center for Energy Policy and Management as part of its Energy Lecture Series.

Adam Walters, executive director of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of Energy, and Perry Babb, CEO of KeyState to Zero will present this interesting discussion at 11 a.m. April 20, which is free and open to the public.

Hydrogen is a fuel source that generates no emissions when burned and can be produced in a number of ways to be a clean fuel. It is seen as a solution for hard-to-decarbonize economic sectors, like manufacturing and long-distance ship and truck transportation, as well as more common uses. Recent federal legislation included $8 billion for four regional hydrogen hubs, including one in Appalachia, to develop this technology in order to meet U.S. climate goals.

Walters will discuss the basics of hydrogen production, how it can be produced with natural gas using carbon capture to reduce emissions, the state’s efforts to ramp up the development of hydrogen technology and infrastructure, and the Appalachian region’s plans to attract federal infrastructure funding to create a hydrogen hub.

Babb will discuss his KeyState to Zero project, a start-up company that plans to synthesize hydrogen using its onsite natural gas supply as feedstock and power source, at a 7,000-acre Central Pennsylvania site and carbon capture to store harmful greenhouse gas in on-site underground caverns.

Adam Walters is Senior Energy Advisor for the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Office of Energy. Adam works across public, private, and non-profit sectors to bring energy-related economic development opportunities to the commonwealth. Previously, he was a William Penn Fellow with the DCED.

Perry Babb leads the development team for KeyState Natural Gas Synthesis LLC. He has 40 years of experience creating successful corporations and non-profits in six diverse markets, including construction, maintenance, marketing, energy infrastructure, and international humanitarian aid, under eight brands, and across a dozen countries.

To register for this free, hour-long webinar, please click here! For more information, contact Linda Ritzer at

The webinar is approved for Continuing Legal Education in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Contact the Washington County Bar Association at for information.

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