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Join Us October 4th for Harnessing Hydrogen!

Washington & Jefferson College’s Center for Energy Policy & Management is thrilled to announce our upcoming event Harnessing Hydrogen: Exploring Local & Regional Opportunities in Appalachia. While hydrogen energy and carbon capture utilization/storage present tremendous opportunities for the tri-state region, the path forward is unclear. Several economic, regulatory, and technological challenges to development and deployment exist. Furthermore, local and regional governmental bodies lack a knowledge base to assess the costs and benefits of the burgeoning industry. Harnessing Hydrogen is a day-long event that will feature individual talks, panel discussions, and interest-specific breakout sessions related to the deployment of hydrogen energy within the Pennsylvania-Ohio-West Virginia area. The event will be hosted by the Center for Energy Policy & Management, which strives to provide credible, impartial, and accessible information on the region's most salient energy topics. The event will feature several talks by thought-leaders and professionals who are at the forefront of the hydrogen and carbon capture discussion, three (3) panel discussions, and two (2) break-out group sessions centered around the following subjects:

  • Panel 1: Fundamentals of Hydrogen Energy and Carbon Capture,

  • Panel 2: Challenges, Opportunities, and Barriers to Entry,

  • Panel 3: Governance Issues and the Regulatory Landscape,

  • Breakout Group 1: Discussion on local and regional governmental bodies' roles in hydrogen development, and

  • Breakout Group 2: Discussion on industry affairs, finance, and technological deployment of hydrogen energy

Harnessing Hydrogen is FREE to attend and will be held on Tuesday, October 4 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. in-person at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. To register for this event, please CLICK HERE! More information about the program and speakers can be found at Please feel free to reach out to Max Clark at with any questions or comments!

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