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CEPM Explainer Series: Electrification 101

The Center for Energy Policy & Management at Washington & Jefferson College is excited to release its latest explainer on energy and environmental topics.

This explainer discusses the concept of hydrogen energy, providing context, challenges, opportunities, relevant policies, and other factors that affect this important energy topic as the U.S. works to reduce its carbon emissions to meet climate targets.

These explainers seek to provide stakeholders, including local and state policymakers and the public, with a comprehensive, yet succinct, examination of a wide range of relevant and emerging topics. Center hopes that this information will aid in bridging the knowledge gap in complex energy and environmental matters, equipping all stakeholders with the information necessary to make better-informed decisions.

The Center welcomes suggestions and recommendations on topics for future explainers. Suggestions, comments, or questions can be sent to

Click here to access this and other explainers, or visit

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